Skincare: April Favourites

Skincare is one of my favourite topics, probably because I’ve always suffered with sensitive skin and acne, so experimenting with different products to see what works best for me has been going on for as long as I can remember. From that this post was born, I thought I’d do a small review on my 5 favourite products that have been helping me recently and I hope they can help you too!


Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Cream:

This I bought on a whim after watching a video of Camille Rowe’s essential beauty items where she says it’s “a bit of a life saver” and I kind of have to agree. I got this when I came off a course of roacctuane and it was too harsh for my then, extremely delicate skin however I waited a few months to try this again and as the drugs had been flushed out of my system my overly sensitive skin managed to toughen up, if only slightly and I was able to use this. Again, it’s not a product I use everyday although during winter it was all but crucial to my skin routine. Sadly this is the only product from the hydra dior collection that is sensitive enough for my skin so I can’t recommend products it layers greatly with however I use it along side either Origins rejuvenating treatment or Nivea daily essentials moisturiser and it leaves my skin feeling seriously hydrated.

Ultrasun Suncream:

I wear suncream on my face all year round, even in the grey drizzling months of winter. It started off as a necessity when I was on a course of roaccutane for my acne and has now become a habit, just like cleansing and moisturising my face. This is partly due to Sali Hughes – I take everything she says as gospel – who reminds us to wear some form of SPF in all weathers and temperatures, even through autumn and winter. It took me a while to find one that didn’t bring me out in yet more spots, but ultrasun has been my go to for two years now. Depending on the season the factor I wear varies, I’ve currently got SPF 30 but when this one runs out I’ll be heading to the 50’s. If like me, someone of you are unlucky enough not to be able to slather any old suncream on your face due to the inevitable break out, I’d definitely give this a try.

The Neem Dream Bar:

I bought this recently at Camden market on a trip to London with my friends. I’ve always suffered with eczema and try to keep the products I use as natural as I can get – otherwise a breakout is bound to occur, so I thought I’d give this a try. The Neem Dream bar contains organic neem oil, organic shea butter and coconut oil, along with a few other ingredients but all are natural. Neem oil is also used to treat acne although I’m yet to try it for this use. Using this bar and Aveeno moisturiser alongside one another, I’ve finally all but rid myself of red raw skin, just in time for the summer months!

Cetaphil Daily Wash:

Now the aesthetic of this product isn’t nearly as tantalising as some but I was prescribed this by my dermatologist – who better to tell you what to use on your skin? – and for those of you who are spot prone or have more severe acne like myself this is a really gentle wash that cleanses your face without any worry of breaking out or clogging up your pores. Like all good skincare products, they cater to different skin types, I myself have oily and sensitive skin but they also have normal, combination and dry skin choices. Although I use a number of other things to keep my skin relatively clear, since using this product I’ve seen a definite improvement in my skin and would recommend anybody struggling with any form of acne/spot related problem to give it a try.

Washed Blue Clay – Problematic Skin:

This is also from the brand Read/The/Label who do many clay masks, the one I have been trying out is washed blue clay for problematic and oily skin, whilst I’m writing this post I’ve got a face smeared in the stuff. The great thing about this product is that the powdery formula can be mixed with anything from water to milk, I myself have used it with water and green tea and looooove the results! To use you mix 20% water to 80% clay, basically until it turns into a paste. Although you can use a brush to apply, I find it a lot easier to just use your fingers. It might take a few tries to determine how long you leave the mask on – that depends on your own skin however, I’ve found that 20 minutes is long enough for me. Straight after use this mask, like others can leave my skin feeling dried out so I like to use a stronger moisturiser/over night mask than I would use everyday. I used to use Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which always worked well for me but I’ve now started using Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask, this stuff is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough with or without the clay mask!

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