Is Spring on its way?

Although on the fashion front autumn is my favourite season spring tops them all, new life, the promise of more sunshine (we hope), daffodils & jackets.
Nothing inspires me more than a garden full of flowers and a house come to that, but with the snowy weather reports I’m not confident we’ll be seeing any sunshine soon so recently I’ve been taking a bit of extra time to admire all the plants (mostly cacti) that are scattered about my house.


Growing up I’ve always been surrounded by plants and flowers. A combination of my Grandad who for as long as I can remember has spent all his free time in the garden creating beautiful spaces and my Gran who’s spent much of her life flower arranging, filling every possible windowsill/work top with flowers and plants, is where my obsession began.


Other than cacti I’m completely clueless with plants, because let’s be real – cacti are the easiest plant ever to look after, hence why they’re the only one I’ve not killed. But with a bit of advice from my grandad I’m praying these bulbs will bloom and possibly be planted in the garden next spring!

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