Hi, hello, alright, *polite acknowledgement head nod*

I’m Jessica Louise. I was born and bred in a small Yorkshire village with idyllic sunsets and muddy backroads for miles around. It is because of this that my love for fashion is a strange one, though I spent many days rolling around (literally) with the pigs on the farm I have grown up on, fashion has always been a part of my life in a big way, especially during the two painful years I spent enduring life as a sixth form student. Fashion, skincare, film and literature were about the only things that got me through. It is here that I’ve decided to take my love of mood boards, wifi and a good jacket or two and put them into a blog for you lovely folks to read and (hopefully) enjoy!

Fashion comes in many forms, vintage, boyish chic, haute couture, but without style it would be nothing. In a world full of fast fashion and ever changing trends there is nobody I look to more for inspiration and guidance than the Parisian woman. The art of “throwing on” an old white tee and vintage levi’s whilst simultaneously looking as though you’ve hopped off the runway at Dior is certainly that – an art. Thus, the Parisian woman proves that the devil is truly in the detail.

Like me this blog is likely to be messy but thought driven.  As I previously mentioned fashion, skin care, film and literature are amongst the passions of my life so here it is for you all to see. Although I take a great deal style wise from the big screen (need I remind you of anything Edith Head designed. Ever!), there are no promises of any preppy and sultry Sandy imitations from 1978’s Grease. Very much like a good leather jacket, nothing compares to the original however through this little blog of mine I hope to share my favourite concepts, outfits and styles with you all.

Enjoy! x

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